Katie Wrigley – Extreme Makeup Test

When this email from the lovely Katie Wrigley dropped into my inbox I was over-the-moon! Team Eldora are always banging on about how brilliant our lashes are so to have someone put them to the test (a very extreme test!) and come back with a glowing report was amazing. Read below for a very lovely, very beautiful and very lash-filled tale…
As a freelance make up artist I find the most desired appointments for occasional party make up are between three and six, but there are only so many appointments available between those hours, I’m extremely lucky to have a regular flow of clients! I found that when prime appointments were not available that some clients (particularly new clients) were reluctant to have their make up applied at two when they did not intend to go out until maybe eight, with reasons including:
* It will be on too long
* It will sweat off 
* Eyelashes won’t lastEven when reassured, some clients just would not risk it for their big night out. What could I do?I tried applying my own make up each day at 9 and when I was still getting compliments by the end if the day I found it a tangible way to reassure clients. I genuinely believe in the products I use,  speak about and promote the looks I create using these products passionately, I needed to get this noticed and others to believe too.

So I had an idea, maybe a crazy idea, but I hoped it would make an impact! What if I test my make up to the extreme?

When I turned 30 I made a promise with myself that I’d run a marathon – crazy – for someone who actually did zero exercise this was a big deal – I had to train! My body changed. My life revolved around running which I hated! Suddenly I thought, what if I run the marathon wearing make up? (Including eyelashes obviously!) so I could genuinely put my theory to the test.

So on the morning of the marathon at six AM I started to apply my make up, I chose Eldora false eyelashes H119. By seven AM I was in the car driving to the race with a full face of make up on.

By nine AM I was standing on the starting line, my nerves gone, and the sky heavy with rain clouds.

Five hours, six minutes and seven seconds later, I’d done it, I’d ran a marathon. Almost eight hours after I’d first applied my make up, this photo was taken 

* 26.2 miles later
* In the rain
* In the blazing sunshine
* In the howling wind
* There were tears


Instagram: katiewrigley 
Twitter: @KWMakeUpArtist
Facebook Page: Katie Wrigley Make Up Artist

We hope you enjoyed the story as much as we did!

Love, Eldora x


Instagram Highlights #2

Another pick of some of the wonderful things happening on our Instagram page. We can’t get enough of all the wonderful things you all do with our lashes!



Dianaa Pro MUA  NYX




Alex Makeup artist, Liverpool



Lora Arellano Makeup Artíst. LosAngeles


Love, Eldora x

We’re Back!

Happy Monday lash-lovers! We’ve had a few technical glitches on our little blog, but all is resolved now *excited dance*. Thanks for your patience, we really appreciate it. Coming up over the next couple of weeks will be showing off some of our favourite Instagrammers, profiling talented MUAs and sharing the little pieces of beauty that get us through the day. If you want to get involved and maybe share a look on our blog then just email roannaprice@eldora.co.uk.

For today we’re reading over this wonderful quote and making it our mantra, we hope it inspires you as much as us.

photo.PNGLove, Eldora x

MUA Profile: Racheal Brown

We have another MUA Profile Post for you and this time it’s with Racheal Brown (@racheal_revenge), the ever so lovely and really rather talented beauty blogger and makeup artist! We’ve asked her a few questions below so read on to get to know her:
Eldora Eyelashes
1) What was your first impression of Eldora Lashes?
I had a little experience with false lashes before Eldora, so when I received my first two pairs of Eldora Lashes I was ecstatic. They were gorgeous and fluffy and above all, they looked so elegant to me! I was amazed by the quality.
2) How did you find using Eldora Lashes?
Eldora Lashes are very easy to use! I was pleasantly surprised. I hadn’t had much practice putting on lashes previously and I considered myself a novice at best. I found lashes hard to put on before these. But these were actually much easier to put on than any brand I had tried before! They weren’t stiff, like some I had tried, so they molded to my eye shape and looked amazing with very little effort.
 3) Which style Eldora Lashes are your favourite and why?
Oh gosh… there are just so many to choose from!! I think H125 and B179 are my absolute go-to favorites. H125 looks so natural when on, it even has an invisible band that gives an even more natural look. I honestly forget I have these on due to how light-weight and flexible they are.  B179 are a more dramatic lash that I love to use when doing bright eye looks. They wing out to what I consider the perfect length and the criss-cross lashes add that perfect little pop that compliments any look I create.
4) How would you say Eldora Lashes compare to other brands you have used?
Eldora, by far, is the BEST brand I’ve used. I’ve used several other brands but I always come back to my Eldora collection. There was one brand in particular that I used before discovering Eldora that I thought was great, until Eldora. They had these really thick stiff bands that weighed my eyelids down. I thought all lashes were like that until I was given two pairs of Eldora lashes. In comparison to the thick, stiff, blah lashes, Eldora was like a cloud or a spider’s web: lightweight and didn’t affect the way my lid moved at all but still so beautiful.
Eldora Eyelashes

5) Can you tell us a little about yourself? e.g. where you’re from and how you became an beauty blogger?
I’m a 23 year old nerdy girl from a small town in Virginia (USA). Growing up in a small town where the nearest mall is almost an hour away and my best friend living thirty minutes (by car) away left finding ways to amuse myself a lot of the times. I started reading books, manga, and comics, watching everything from anime and horror movies to British television (Doctor Who being my favorite) and Korean dramas! I always had a love of make-up, but it wasn’t until I was in my late teens that my passion for it began. I remember going on youtube and I stumbled upon a Michelle Phan video tutorial. I fell in love with the idea of creating these unique eye looks, so I took out my make up brushes and eyeshadow palette and began. Around that time I had discovered Instagram, so I started sharing my looks with my friends and family on there. When strangers starting liking and leaving comments complimenting my work I guess that’s the moment I decided to become a beauty blogger. I wanted to share these small pieces of myself with others, help them learn, answer their questions and grow with the experiences it brought me.
6) What is it that you love about working with Make Up and being a blogger? 
I’ve suffered from confidence issues for most of my life and I still do suffer from it. Someone once asked me when I felt the most beautiful and it made me think. People around me kept saying things like “at night when all my make up is off and I’m relaxing”. But for me it’s when I have my make-up on. I thought about it and realised it’s not because of how I look, but because the confidence it gave me. When I put on my make-up, create this beautiful eye shadow look and look in the mirror at it I find confidence from this talent that I’ve worked so hard on and that grows every single day! As a make-up artist my goal is to give my clients confidence, to make them feel like the most beautiful person in the room and make-up can give someone that confidence. Sharing beauty with as many people as possible is one of the best feelings in the world.  That is what I love.

Eldora Eyelashes

7) Which of the current beauty trends will you be recreating? 
Cat eyes for sure. I love eyeliner and all the different shapes you can do. Also, glitter seems to be making a comeback in fashion and beauty so I’m excited to do some work including some sparkle!
Eldora Eyelashes
8) What are your favourite blogs and magazines for inspiration?
BeautifyandCreatify (of instagram), xSparkage.com, MadeYewLook  and Shauneylicious (of Instagram) are some of my favorite bloggers! And of course the Eldora False Lashes Blog!

Eldora Eyelashes

Eldora Eyelashes

To keep up with Racheal just find her on Twitter or follow her lovely posts over on Instagram (racheal_revenge). We predict big things for this girl!

Until next time, Eldora x

Keeping It Classy.

As well as selling all of gorgeous lashes individually we also have a few sets available, did you know? One of these is the oh-so-classy Criss Cross set. Our Criss Cross lashes sell really well because…

a) They are lovely and comfortable to wear.

b) They blend beautifully with your natural lashes.

c) They can be dressed up or down to suit any makeup look.



At the moment we are selling these four Criss Cross delights all in lovely set for £16 of your finest pounds. Whether you need an extra lift for a job interview (B123) or want to wow your next date (B159) there is a set of lashes for every occasion in here! If you do fancy picking up a set or having a look at what else we offer than just visit our shop here. We also have the tempting Eldora Combo Criss Cross set, I won’t say anymore now but goodness me is it pretty!

Have any of you tried out some of Criss Cross lashes already? What did you think?

Eldora X

p.s. All you MUAS remember to set up your MUA account with us so you can get 25% off every order!