Halloween Flashback Friday

We can’t believe it’s been a whole week since Friday the 31st – time is flying by and now it’s almost time to get ready for Christmas again. However, not before we do a quick flashback to all your amazing Halloween looks. If you don’t follow us on Instagram oR Twitter you might have missed all the amazing looks our wonderful customers came up with over the spooky weekend.

We’ve picked a few of the most gruesome for you to enjoy.

@katiewrigley freaking us out in H106

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 21.19.39


@laurahitchen with a dramatic look using C188

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 21.21.08

@mykie_ created this look with B178 and it’s almost too realistic to look at!

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 21.24.34

Not to worry, we’ll be getting into the festive swing of things soon so keep your eyes peeled for all things sugar and spice.

Love, Eldora x


Katie Wrigley – Extreme Makeup Test

When this email from the lovely Katie Wrigley dropped into my inbox I was over-the-moon! Team Eldora are always banging on about how brilliant our lashes are so to have someone put them to the test (a very extreme test!) and come back with a glowing report was amazing. Read below for a very lovely, very beautiful and very lash-filled tale…
As a freelance make up artist I find the most desired appointments for occasional party make up are between three and six, but there are only so many appointments available between those hours, I’m extremely lucky to have a regular flow of clients! I found that when prime appointments were not available that some clients (particularly new clients) were reluctant to have their make up applied at two when they did not intend to go out until maybe eight, with reasons including:
* It will be on too long
* It will sweat off 
* Eyelashes won’t lastEven when reassured, some clients just would not risk it for their big night out. What could I do?I tried applying my own make up each day at 9 and when I was still getting compliments by the end if the day I found it a tangible way to reassure clients. I genuinely believe in the products I use,  speak about and promote the looks I create using these products passionately, I needed to get this noticed and others to believe too.

So I had an idea, maybe a crazy idea, but I hoped it would make an impact! What if I test my make up to the extreme?

When I turned 30 I made a promise with myself that I’d run a marathon – crazy – for someone who actually did zero exercise this was a big deal – I had to train! My body changed. My life revolved around running which I hated! Suddenly I thought, what if I run the marathon wearing make up? (Including eyelashes obviously!) so I could genuinely put my theory to the test.

So on the morning of the marathon at six AM I started to apply my make up, I chose Eldora false eyelashes H119. By seven AM I was in the car driving to the race with a full face of make up on.

By nine AM I was standing on the starting line, my nerves gone, and the sky heavy with rain clouds.

Five hours, six minutes and seven seconds later, I’d done it, I’d ran a marathon. Almost eight hours after I’d first applied my make up, this photo was taken 

* 26.2 miles later
* In the rain
* In the blazing sunshine
* In the howling wind
* There were tears


Instagram: katiewrigley 
Twitter: @KWMakeUpArtist
Facebook Page: Katie Wrigley Make Up Artist

We hope you enjoyed the story as much as we did!

Love, Eldora x

Saturday Sweets

Our food porn addiction needed feeding! We’ve selected another few scrumptous sweets from our Saturday Sweets board on Pinterest. Have a gorgeous weekend and make sure you treat yourself to something sweet….!







Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 19.32.10

There’s nothing sweeter than diamante on your lashes (D122)!

Love, Eldora x

Saturday Sweets

While our main addiction is of course lashes, we are rather partial to a calorific dessert. We’ve created a Saturday Sweets board on Pinterest which has given us the perfect excuse to spend hours drooling over amazing sweet recipes! For all you food porn addicts we highly reccomend having a look.


sweet sweet5




Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 19.22.11

Finally, our sugar sweet S144 lashes!

Come back next week for more Saturday sweets!

Love, Eldora x


Instagram Highlights #2

Another pick of some of the wonderful things happening on our Instagram page. We can’t get enough of all the wonderful things you all do with our lashes!



Dianaa Pro MUA  NYX




Alex Makeup artist, Liverpool



Lora Arellano Makeup Artíst. LosAngeles


Love, Eldora x

It’s Feeling A Lot Like Spring

Spring has officially sprung and we are loving being able to shrug off layers, let down our hair and jazz up our makeup routine. We are always inspired by what you all do with our lashes – seriously, just flicking through our Instagram  is a lesson in lash-possibilities! We have chosen a few (it’s really just a few of many!) of our favourite lash looks that welcome the bright beauty of Spring. To see more of each artists work just click on their name and head to their Instagram.

Screen shot 2014-04-22 at 19.58.18



Screen shot 2014-04-22 at 19.59.44


Screen shot 2014-04-22 at 20.01.02


Screen shot 2014-04-22 at 20.03.59


Screen shot 2014-04-22 at 20.06.09


For more beautiful lash looks check out our Instagram page – it’s very beautiful thanks to you all!

Love, Eldora x

Keeping It Classy.

As well as selling all of gorgeous lashes individually we also have a few sets available, did you know? One of these is the oh-so-classy Criss Cross set. Our Criss Cross lashes sell really well because…

a) They are lovely and comfortable to wear.

b) They blend beautifully with your natural lashes.

c) They can be dressed up or down to suit any makeup look.



At the moment we are selling these four Criss Cross delights all in lovely set for £16 of your finest pounds. Whether you need an extra lift for a job interview (B123) or want to wow your next date (B159) there is a set of lashes for every occasion in here! If you do fancy picking up a set or having a look at what else we offer than just visit our shop here. We also have the tempting Eldora Combo Criss Cross set, I won’t say anymore now but goodness me is it pretty!

Have any of you tried out some of Criss Cross lashes already? What did you think?

Eldora X

p.s. All you MUAS remember to set up your MUA account with us so you can get 25% off every order!

Feeling Fruity

Falsh Lashes


“We love false eyelashes and all things creative” This really is true here at Eldora, our selection includes beautiful real hair lashes and wild and wonderful designs using feathers and fabric. Whether you are after a natural yet irresistable look or you want to embrace your wild side and shake up your look, Eldora caters for all types of lash lover!

The pair above are the result of an inspired moment, unfortunately this fruity pair aren’t for sale but they do a good job of showing what can be done with a love of lashes and creativity! 

For more lashes like this and of course the rest of our beautiful lashes then head to our website and have a browse.