Katie Wrigley – Extreme Makeup Test

When this email from the lovely Katie Wrigley dropped into my inbox I was over-the-moon! Team Eldora are always banging on about how brilliant our lashes are so to have someone put them to the test (a very extreme test!) and come back with a glowing report was amazing. Read below for a very lovely, very beautiful and very lash-filled tale…
As a freelance make up artist I find the most desired appointments for occasional party make up are between three and six, but there are only so many appointments available between those hours, I’m extremely lucky to have a regular flow of clients! I found that when prime appointments were not available that some clients (particularly new clients) were reluctant to have their make up applied at two when they did not intend to go out until maybe eight, with reasons including:
* It will be on too long
* It will sweat off 
* Eyelashes won’t lastEven when reassured, some clients just would not risk it for their big night out. What could I do?I tried applying my own make up each day at 9 and when I was still getting compliments by the end if the day I found it a tangible way to reassure clients. I genuinely believe in the products I use,  speak about and promote the looks I create using these products passionately, I needed to get this noticed and others to believe too.

So I had an idea, maybe a crazy idea, but I hoped it would make an impact! What if I test my make up to the extreme?

When I turned 30 I made a promise with myself that I’d run a marathon – crazy – for someone who actually did zero exercise this was a big deal – I had to train! My body changed. My life revolved around running which I hated! Suddenly I thought, what if I run the marathon wearing make up? (Including eyelashes obviously!) so I could genuinely put my theory to the test.

So on the morning of the marathon at six AM I started to apply my make up, I chose Eldora false eyelashes H119. By seven AM I was in the car driving to the race with a full face of make up on.

By nine AM I was standing on the starting line, my nerves gone, and the sky heavy with rain clouds.

Five hours, six minutes and seven seconds later, I’d done it, I’d ran a marathon. Almost eight hours after I’d first applied my make up, this photo was taken 

* 26.2 miles later
* In the rain
* In the blazing sunshine
* In the howling wind
* There were tears


Instagram: katiewrigley 
Twitter: @KWMakeUpArtist
Facebook Page: Katie Wrigley Make Up Artist

We hope you enjoyed the story as much as we did!

Love, Eldora x


Festive Makeup Looks #7

We have two final looks to share from the wonderful MUA Erica Harkins. We have loved sharing different MUA’s Festive Makeup Looks over the Christmas period and this post features two super colourful beauty looks we will be taking inspiration from for our NYE party!

fml 3


We would love to see how you do your makeup for your NYE celebrations so please take a picture and send it into roannaprice@eldora.co.uk and we will start sharing looks over the new year!

Love, Eldora x

Festive Makeup Looks #6

Christmas may be over but there are still plenty of celebrating to be done! With office parties, NYE dos and cocktail catch-ups there are plenty of excuses to open your makeup bag and try out some new beauty trends. The wonderful MUA Erica Harkins has shared some rather pretty lip looks that we are dying to recreate.



What do you think of the graphic lip trend? Will you be trying it out yourself

Love, Eldora x


Festive Makeup Looks #4

Stuck for ideas for your Christmas party makeup? Makeup artist Kathryn Eaton shared this look done for her client just before heading out! Natural with a huge dollop of glamour – we’re sold! If you want to see more of Kathryn’s looks or find out more then get in touch at redcarpetmakeup@hotmail.com. 



Check back tomorrow for some extra special Festive Makeup Looks!

Love, Eldora x 

Festive Makeup Looks #3

We are blown away by all the beautiful looks you have been sending in! Thanks to your glittery drama we are feeling much more festive and hoping for lots of beauty goodies for Christmas – then we can get our brushes and lashes out and have a play! Today we have two looks from MUA Erica Harkins. The lovely makeup artist has shared an abundance of Christmas beauty with us, so expect to see more! You find find her as @dollface1985 if you can’t wait to see any more!



We hope you’re enjoying our Festive Looks series as much as we are – check back soon for more (they’re beautiful I promise!)

Love, Eldora x

Festive Makeup Looks #1

Our first festive makeup look of the season is by Maliha Dar, a Glasgow based MUA. We have only just discovered her but we are already big fans!

Maliha sent in her some of her Christmas inspired beauty looks and we are really impressed with her precision and dramatic beauty! Fancy giving us a makeover?

MalihaMUA 2


Check out Maliha’s Facebook page here for more tempting looks.

Our next Festive Makeup Look will be here before you know it!

Love, Eldora x

MUA Profile: Klaire De Lys

We managed to pin down the talented MUA Klaire De Lys and pick her brain about all things lashes, beauty and blogging! She has also sent over some images of looks she created using Eldora lashes plus some video tutorials so we can all have a go ourselves (we will definitely be trying these out!). Anyway, we will shhh now and let you get to know the very wonderful Klaire…

Klaire De Lys MUA

1) What was your first impression of Eldora Lashes?

Good quality and affordable (and so the perfect lashes!)

2) How did you find using Eldora Lashes?

Really easy to apply and I love that there are so many different lashes to choose from.

3) Which style Eldora Lashes are your favourite and why?

The H151 lashes – sure they can look very wild and crazy, but that’s exactly why I love them! Also the lash band is thin and flexible which makes them so easy to apply.

4) How would you say Eldora Lashes compare to other brands you have used?

Other than when I have bulk bought sets of lashes on Ebay, in general Eldora lashes are cheaper and better quality than competitors.

Klaire De Lys MUA

5) Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I’m from Reading, and I got into beauty though music. I used to do song covers on my old Klaire de Lys channel and I started to experiment with the kind of makeup I would like to wear if I ever became a professional singer. In a few of the covers I wore the makeup, and people started to ask for me to do a tutorial on it. I set up my KlairedelysArt channel to do that since I wanted to keep the makeup and music separate and that’s how it all started really. Now I do both the makeup and music with my band Fenix where I’m hoping to mix both my love of art, music and makeup.

6) What is it that you love about working with makeup and being a blogger? 

The unlimited freedom it gives you to just create and try to make something beautiful, especially something unconventional. Why does everything which is considered pretty have to be all pink and sickly-sweet? Dark and weird can be beautiful too! I love that I don’t have to justify myself to anyone – my blog, my rules.

7) Which of the current beauty trends will you be recreating? 

To be perfectly honest, none. I don’t even know what the current trends are, and if I did I don’t think it would interest me. I think I’d prefer to do something unexpected and random than what everyone else is doing.

8) What are your favourite blogs and magazines for inspiration?

I don’t really read any magazines so I couldn’t answer that but as for blogs and video makers I mostly follow people like GoldieStarling, Emma Pickles, NikkieTutorials and AnnaAurthur 

Thank you very much Klaire for sharing your work and the frankly beautiful things you do with our lashes, I don’t know about you but we’re feeling inspired to apply some lashes and open our eyeshadow palettes! If you want to try your hand at recreating the creative looks Klaire has showed us then why not follow her helpful video tutorials?

Seven Deadly Sins: Sloth

Seven Deadly Sins: Pride 

We are big, no HUGE fans of Klaire’s work and we honestly delight in seeing her latest looks being posted. If you want to stay up to date with this lovely MUA’s work too then simply follow/like/obsessively check her various social media channels: Twitter, Instagram, Blog , Google+ or Facebook.

Until next time beauties,

Love Eldora X