Anne Bowcock and Eldora

I’m sure you’re bored of how much we harp on about working with talented MUAs and beauty pros, but we really do love it! There is simply nothing better than seeing our lashes being put to good use and today we have a post full of gorgeouss images thanks to the wonderful MUA Anne Bowcock.

Anne and the team are working on a series of Deadly Sins shoots and of course they’re using Eldora lashes. First up was Lust – take a look at the increidble results below:




We asked Anne to tell us a little more about the shoot, the concept behind it and the technique involved:

“For the lashes I used Eldora H105 lashes and customised them using purple face paint which I painted all over the lashes to give depth of colour from underneath the decoration.  To stick on the embleshiments I used Spirit Gum which I brushed all over the lashes and then started to layer up the decoration.

I used sliced glitter (used for nail decoration) then blue and silver glitter sparkles and then Silver Iris Fusible Fibre from the hobby shop, I cut this into small strands and placed on top of all the silver sparkle decoration, when this catches in the light it gives a hint of purple to it so I felt it all matched and complimented the theme and makeup.” 


Makeup, and concept:- Anne Bowcock

Photographer:- William Clark

Dress:- Chio Ohajuru of Chio Couture

Nails:- Tevra Shindler

Model: Jenna Downs

Hair:- Lorraine Buchan

Love Eldora x