Eldora Is Going To IMATS NYC

statue of liberty

We have big news here at Eldora – we are taking our lashes stateside and exhibiting at IMATS in NYC! It’s thanks to all you wonderful MUAs, bbloggers and glam girls and guys that we even have this opportunity so thank you so much!


We love meeting lash fans, Eldora users or total lash newbies so if you’re going to IMATS in April please email roannaprice@eldora.co.uk and we can make sure we meet at our shiny Eldora booth #833.

America – we are COMING.

Love, Eldora x


2 thoughts on “Eldora Is Going To IMATS NYC

  1. Hello!
    I’m Dillon Parker a 15 year old makeup artist and I saw you are going to imats and i was wondering if you want workers? I’d love to help and it would be super cool! Thanks, Dillon 🙂

    • Hey Dillon! Thanks so much for getting in touch. We don’t need any workers unfortunately, but we would love to see your work if you have any links you can share? Tweet them to us on @eldoraeyelashes! Thank and best of luck for the future. Eldora x

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