Addicted To Pretty – Liverpool

Today on the blog we are talking to the lovely Clare and Kelly of Addicted To Pretty – based in Liverpool this makeup salon is every girls dream come true and we’re going to find out a little more about it! Before we go any further, make sure you’re following these guys on Twitter (@ATPliverpool) – they’re nice, helpful and funny!

I asked Kelly to tell us how Addicted To Pretty came along and how it’s going…

“With over six years experience in the makeup industry, myself and my partner in makeup crime Clare decided it was about time that we put all our expertise in one place. So our bright, glittery and wonderful studio ‘Addicted To Pretty’ was born. We met at college both studying makeup artistry, after college we parted ways and done our own thing, both working freelance. We used to talk all the time about how great it would be to open our own makeup studio, so just decided one day ‘Let’s do it!’

Obviously, being a specialist makeup studio weekends are our busiest time. We work long hours – sometimes 14 hour days! But once we have our ‘makeup heads’ on the time flies and every face is different so it never gets boring!

We pride ourselves in using only the best and we think our studio portrays this well. If you rummage in our makeup station or looking through our box of makeup wonders you will find so many different brands. From well-known brands like M.A.C, Illamasqua & Nars to more cult brands like Lime Crime, OCC & Sugarpill. Makeup is our passion so when we see new products we get so excited to buy them and try them on our clients!

One thing we have never changed is our eyelashes! I have been using Eldora lashes for about four years now, so when Clare and I opened the studio I knew this was the brand of lashes we had to use! We have just recently got the fabulous new lash stand which we LOVE! It takes pride of place on our reception desk.

Eldora Lash Stand

Like I said we are a specialist makeup studio, and I think we are the only ‘Makeup studio’ that just specialises in makeup in the city, which makes us kinda special.”

Clare and Kelly at work.

 Using B178 lashes

 Using H120 lashes

I have loved finding out more about Addicted To Pretty – these girls know what they’re doing and I will definitely be paying them a visit soon! If you fancy treating yourself to a makeover or just want to find out more, then simply have a look at their website.

Love, Eldora x


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