MUA Profile: Nicola Kate

Hello wonderful readers! It’s humpday and to celebrate we have a new MUA Profile post. This time we’re getting to know the beautiful, lovely and frankly wonderful Nicola Kate. Read her interview and see her beautiful looks below:

1) What was your first impression of Eldora Lashes?

My first immediate impression upon receiving my Eldora Lashes was that they looked and felt very soft and natural. They seemed to be of very high quality. Not only that, but Eldora have such an extensive variety of lashes to choose from. There’s a lash style for literally ANY occasion.

2) How did you find using Eldora Lashes?

I find that Eldora lashes are VERY easy to apply. No fuss, straight on and away I go! The lashes that I’ve used all had very flexible lash bands resulting in ultimate comfort. The lashes that I’ve had the pleasure of using all felt very light and weightless, once again resulting in them being very comfortable to wear.


3) Which style Eldora Lashes are your favourite and why?

My favourite Eldora lashes are, without a doubt, the H125’s. These lashes are super glamorous and I’ve found these to be suitable for evening wear AND smart-casual daytime attire, so I’ve already had a lot of use out of them. They have a lightweight invisible lash band which means these lashes also look great without the need for using an eyeliner to disguise the band, which is great for minimal makeup days.

4) How would you say Eldora Lashes compare to other brands you have used?

They are definitely right up at the top with a couple of my other favourite lash brands on the market and would absolutely recommend Eldora lashes in a heartbeat. I would even go as far to say Eldora lashes are on par if not better than some of the more expensive, higher end lashes. They are great value for money considering the prices of these lashes.


5) Can you tell us a little about yourself? e.g. where you’re from and how you became a beauty blogger?

My name is Nicola, and I’m a 20 year old lass from the North West of England. I’d been using social network websites such as Tumblr and Instagram (@nicola_kate) to display my makeup photos for quite some time. I had always gotten a lot of questions regarding which products I used for certain looks, how I do my eyeliner, what are my favourite brands etc. So I originally decided to start up a beauty blog as a place where I could list all of these things so I didn’t have to repeat myself so often. I gradually eased into writing reviews and features on my favourite brands and products, and alas, my blog became what it is today.

6) What is it that you love about working with Make Up and being a blogger? 

I adore that I get to share my passion with thousands of other people out there who happen to share the same interest as me. I also love discovering new products and sharing my personal progess with makeup with the online beauty world and I learn SO much from blogging and reading other peoples experiences with makeup. Not only that, but I’ve met some great people along the way, people who I now consider friends. I feel like the online makeup community is one huge family.

7) Which of the current beauty trends will you be recreating? 

Right now I’m really into the grunge look that I’ve seen across various makeup and fashion blogs, and also magazines. So I think more experimenting with trying to avoid making my makeup too perfect is on the cards!

8) What are your favourite blogs and magazines for inspiration?

I adore so many different blogs that it would probably take me a life time to jot them all down, but the ones that instantly spring to mind are:

Bows and Curtseys


Maryam Maquillage


Pigments and Palettes

Thank you so much for chatting to us Nicola! For anyone who wants to see more of Nicola and her take on the beauty world then make sure you check out her blog:

That’s it for now you lovely folks!

Eldora X


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