Keeping It Classy.

As well as selling all of gorgeous lashes individually we also have a few sets available, did you know? One of these is the oh-so-classy Criss Cross set. Our Criss Cross lashes sell really well because…

a) They are lovely and comfortable to wear.

b) They blend beautifully with your natural lashes.

c) They can be dressed up or down to suit any makeup look.



At the moment we are selling these four Criss Cross delights all in lovely set for £16 of your finest pounds. Whether you need an extra lift for a job interview (B123) or want to wow your next date (B159) there is a set of lashes for every occasion in here! If you do fancy picking up a set or having a look at what else we offer than just visit our shop here. We also have the tempting Eldora Combo Criss Cross set, I won’t say anymore now but goodness me is it pretty!

Have any of you tried out some of Criss Cross lashes already? What did you think?

Eldora X

p.s. All you MUAS remember to set up your MUA account with us so you can get 25% off every order!


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