MUA Profile: Andrew James

It’s time for our second MUA Profile post and this week we are talking to the very lovely Andrew James. Not only is Andrew an all around wonderful guy he also happens to be a very talented Makeup Artist, I know, it’s not fair it is? When we were first planning the blog Andrew was one of the first MUAs we wanted to get involved as he is just so positive and creative! Anyway, after a little bundle of lashes and a few conversations we now have this post dedicated to the man himself. We hope you all enjoy getting to know Andrew as much as we have!
What was your first impression of Eldora Lashes?
I thought they looked pretty cool! There were all sorts of different kinds and styles, they also didnt look plasticy.
Andrew trying out Eldora Lashes!
How did you find using Eldora Lashes?
I actually found out about Eldora from reading other blog post. I think blogging is definitely the new way to find out about new brands and products that you haven’t heard of before

Which style Eldora Lashes are your favourite and why?
I love the strip lashes! Especially the wipsy lashes, they are my favourite. (See some of our wispy lashes here.)

How would you say Eldora Lashes compare to other brands you have used?
Much much much better! They actually feel like lashes and look like lashes.  I find a lot of flase lashes can almost look like plastic, but not Eldora ones.
Can you tell us a little about yourself? 
I’m a Makeup artist and a beauty blogger from Scotland but a few years ago I  began to want to expand internationally. I started out about four years ago (three years ten months…sad i know haha) and I basically just got really into makeup and it all just happened from there. My blog came from a love of Makeup and wanting to share it with others, I honestly never expected it to grow to what it is today!
What is it that you love about being a MUA and a blogger?
Working with and meeting so many different amazing people! I  would never have had the chance to do that if it wasnt for what I do. I also love the fact that I get to make people look beautiful, or even like a Zombie if the job calls for it! To do that for a living is pretty amazing.
Which of the current beauty trends will you be recreating?
Im all about Perrie from Little Mix! I absolutely love her style and her Makeup.  Really i’m just a little goth/rocker kid at heart!
Thank you so much for talking to us Andrew! Be sure to follow this wonderful man on Twitter , like him on Facebook and of course visit his website! You can also read more about what Andrew thought of Eldora lashes on his blog here:
Eldora X

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