Go Glam Collection

I am of the opinion that one should never need an excuse to ‘Go Glam’. If you want to dress up for drinks with the girls, even if everyone else is relaxing in Topshop casuals, then why not? Every girl needs a glam day now and then! It’s in this vain that we have chosen some of our most popular glamorous styles to show you today. From long thick and full styles to butterfly shapes with diamante embellishment, there is a pair of Eldora lashes for every glam girl!

Go Glam Collection


B130 These criss cross, elegant winged shape lashes are ultra chic (£4.25).


B130 3

B130 2

B159 Perfect for a smoky eye, this criss cross lashes are super dark (£4.25).

B159 3

B159 2


D115  High volume and ultra sparkly, what more could a girl want? (£4.25)

D115 4


D115 3

  D110 An elegant criss cross effect with that all important silver lining! £4.50


D110 4

D110 2

D119 High impact and very black, these lashes will turn heads! (£3.90)


D119 4

D119 2

What did we tell you? Some pretty beautiful glamorous lashes! Why not grab yourself a pair and make your next date; night out; holiday that little bit more glam? But remember, you don’t really need an excuse to Go Glam!

Eldora X


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