MUA Profile: Maxi Maria Makeup

Welcome to the shiny new Eldora Blog! As you may have picked up from our Twitter and Instagram accounts we here at Eldora are a friendly bunch and one of our favourite things to do is get to know our customers, see beautiful looks from Makeup Artists and spend hours perusing beauty blogs. In light of this we thought “Hey! Why not start a blog of our own where we can talk about all these Bloggers and Makeup Artists we love so much?” And so here we are, Eldora Lashes Blog.

Over the coming months we will be looking at some of our favourite lashes, profiling Makeup Artists, chatting to Bloggers, launching competitions and generally indulging in all things beautiful and girly. I don’t know about you, but we’re excited!

To get things off to a good start we thought we would share a conversation with the lovely Maria. Maria is a Makeup Artist, prolific YouTuber and all around beauty fanatic. Maria has been using Eldora lashes for a while and shares many beautiful looks using them on her Instagram page. We asked here to share some of her thoughts on Eldora, blogging and beauty:


Maria using Eldora Lash H115

My first impression was thinking how many different types and styles of lash you have!

Which style Eldora Lashes are your favourite and why?

My favourite pair are B137 because the lash strip is nice and thick! I love lashes with thick strips because then it’s easy for me to put them on! The other great thing about B137 is the way the lashes cross over each other creating a thick and full effect; this means you get a full, long lash look which really appeals to me!

How would you say Eldora Lashes compare to other brands you have used?

In the past I used Ardell lashes, which I love but do feel like I can’t get as much use out of them. If you treat Eldora lashes properly then you can them up to 20 times, or more even. I’ve used my lashes loads and they still look like when I first got them!


Maria using Eldora Lashes H115

How do Eldora Lashes feel once they’re on? 

They feel amazing! I always have problems with certain lashes because they feel heavy on my eyes and then it gets a bit uncomfortable after a few hours, but Eldora lashes don’t feel heavy at all! They feel totally natural, and that’s a big plus for me!

Can you tell us a little more about yourself? We would love to know how you became a MUA.

I’m originally from Peru but I love in Long Island. I first started getting into makeup when I began High School; looking back I think this was to compensate for how insecure I was feeling. There was so much beauty around me so I wanted to be able to make over my face and try and re create it! As I’ve got older, and after using make up for years I’ve realised that you can’t change the way people perceive you, you can’t match what every person you come across considers to be beautiful. So in the end, being comfortable, confident and secure is the most important thing, and more important to carry with you than your pallet!


Maria using Eldora Lashes H115

What is it that you love about being a Makeup Artist?

What I love about being a MUA is being creative, it’s the area of my life where I get to unleash all of my creativity. I feel like I’m in a whole different world where I can create my own rules, be as creative as I like and have no body talking over me. The other thing I love about being a MUA is getting to see people’s reactions once I’ve done their makeup; it really is the most amazing feeling! Being able to reveal that inner beauty is incredible, I especially love showing people that you don’t need a lot of makeup in order to feel beautiful. I firmly believe that everyone has beautiful features that can come alive with just a little bit of makeup.


Maria using Eldora Lashes B137

Which of the current beauty trends will you be recreating?

As fall is just around the corner I will be exploring with greens, browns and coppers.

Maria used lash styles H115 and B137 for her looks, if you fancy trying these of any of our other styles just visit our shop.

ImageThank you Maria! We hope you enjoyed our first Make Up Artist profile post, there will be plenty more to come! In the mean time check back for some beauty product reviews, lash focus posts and plenty more wonderful things.

Thanks for reading,

Love Eldora X


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